How do I register / log on?

You can register as a member when you create your listing. You can then login from home screen at anytime and edit / delete your listing/s.

How do I post an Ad?

Posting an ad is fast and easy. Click on the “sell” button. The system will then automatically take you to the Ad Placement Process. Follow the prompts and you will have an ad submitted within a few minutes. Think about your ad first, what are you selling, the price, the features and what will make it stand out.

How much does it cost?

Thingsforsaleintoowoomba allows unlimited FREE advertisements for private sellers in all categories. No commercial / business advertising. No banner ads.

How many ads can I post?

You are able to post as many ads as you like, but there are some limits on the total amount of ads you can have published at any one time. As a private seller, it’s unlikely you will ever find those limits though.

What kind of things can i sell?

You are able to sell anything that you could normally buy over the counter in the state of Queensland without having to produce any identification or accountability.

For example: You cannot sell knives, weapons or firearms (kids toy guns excepted). You cannot sell any Tobacco or Nicotine products. This includes Vape Fluids (containing Nicotine). You cannot sell any adult entertainment material. This includes DVD’s Magazines and other content. The only prohibited items to fall outside of this are animals and pets. You cannot advertise animals for sale except in the giveaway category.

I have a problem with a seller or advertisement….

We are sorry to hear that. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more info on our liability and insolvent in third party advertisements.